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Issues and Opinions

Research Commentaries

Research Essays

Research Articles

Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy: An Analysis of Firm Recommendations and Consumer Reviews in a Competitive Environment
Wael Jabr and Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng (preprints available)

Differential Effects of Prior Experience on the Malware Resolution Process
Seung Hyun Kim and Byung Cho Kim (preprints available)

Digression and Value Concatenation to Enable Privacy-Preserving Regression
Xiao-Bai Li and Sumit Sarkar (preprints available)

An Attraction-Selection-Attrition Theory of Online Community Size and Resilience
Brian S. Butler, Patrick J. Bateman, Peter H. Gray, and E. Ilana Diamant (preprints available)

Internet’s Dirty Secret: Assessing the Impact of Online Intermediaries on HIV Transmissione
Jason Chan and Anindya Ghose (preprints available)

Expectation Confirmation in Information Systems Research: A Test of Six Competing Models
Viswanath Venkatesh, Susan A. Brown, and Sandeep Goyal (preprints available)

Cultural Differences and Geography as Determinants of Online Prosocial Lending
Gordon Burtch, Anindya Ghose, and Sunil Wattal (preprints available)

An Analysis of Pricing Models in the Electronic Book Market
Lin Hao and Ming Fan (preprints available)

Estimating Returns to Training and Human Capital Investments for Information Technology Service Firms
Amit Mehra, Nishtha Langer, Ravi Bapna, and Ram Gopal (preprints available)

Strategic Behavior in Online Reputation Systems: Evidence from Revoking on eBay
Shun Ye, Guodong (Gordon) Gao, and Siva Viswanathan (preprints available)

Leading Knowledge Collaboration in Online Communities
Samer Faraj, Srinivas Kudaravalli, and Molly Wasko

Information Technology and Administrative Efficiency in U.S. State Governments: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
Min-Seok Pang, Ali Tafti, and M. S. Krishnan (preprints available)

Ontology-Based Evaluation of Natural Disaster Management Websites: A Multistakeholder Perspective
Chen-Heui Chou, Fatemeh “Mariam” Zahedi, and Huimin Zhao (preprints available)

Information Discovery and the Long Tail of Motion Picture Content
Anuj Kumar, Michael D. Smith, and Rahul Telang (preprints available)

Multi-Homing Users’ Preferences for Two-Sided Exchange Networks
Tat Koon Koh and Mark Fichman (preprints available)

Harnessing the Power of Self-Organization in an Online Community during Organizational Crisis
Ning Nan and Yong Lu

Peer Influence in the Diffusion of the iPhone 3G over a Large Social Network
Miguel Godinho de Matos, Pedro Ferreira, and David Krackhardt

How Does the Internet Affect the Financial Market? An Equilibrium Model of Internet-Facilitated Feedback Trading
Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang and Lihong Zhang

How Do Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Affect Firm Risk? A Study of Post-Implementation Impact
Feng Tian and Sean Xin Xu

Investing in Information Systems: On the Behavioral and Institutional Search Mechanisms Underpinning Hospitals’ IS Investment Decisions
Torsten Oliver Salge, Rajiv Kohli, and Michael Barrett

Motivating Employees to Explore Collaboration Technology in Team Contexts
Likoebe M. Maruping and Massimo Magni

Theory & Review

Research Notes

Emergence of Power Laws in Online Communities: The Role of Social Mechanisms and Preferential Attachment
Steven L. Johnson, Samer Faraj, and Srinivas Kudaravalli (preprints available)

How Information Technology Governance Mechanisms and Strategic Alignment Influence Organizational Performance: Insights from a Matched Survey of Business and IT Managers
Shelly Ping-Ju Wu, Detmar W. Straub, and Ting-Peng Liang

Looking Toward the Future of IT-Business Strategic Alignment through the Past: A Meta-Analysis
Jennifer E. Gerow, Varun Grover, Jason Thatcher, and Philip L. Roth (preprints available)

Friendships in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding
De Liu, Daniel J. Brass, and Dongyu Chen

Special Issue: On Sociomateriality of Information Systems and Organizing

Scheduled for the September 2014 issue

Dynamic Reconfiguration in Planetary Exploration: A Sociomaterial Ethnography
Melissa Mazmanian, Marisa Cohn, and Paul Dourish (preprints available)

Toward Generalizable Sociomaterialy Inquiry: A Computational Approach for Zooming In and Out of Sociomaterial Routines
James Gaskin, Nicholas Berente, Kalle Lyytinen, and Youngjin Yoo (preprints available)

Entanglements in Practice: Performing Anonymity Through Social Media
Susan V. Scott and Wanda J. Orlikowski (preprints available)

A Matter of Life and Death: Exploring Conceptualizations of Sociomateriality in the Context of Critical Care
Matthew Jones (preprints available)

A Trichordal Temporal Approach to Digital Coordination: The Sociomaterial Mangling of the CERN Grid
Will Venters, Eivor Oborn, and Michael Barrett (preprints available)

Special Issue: Service Innovation in the Digital Age

Service Innovation: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
Robert F. Lusch and Satish Nambisan (preprints available)

The Algorithm and the Crowd: Considering the Materiality of Service Innovation
Wanda J. Orlikowski and Susan V. Scott (preprints available)

Bridging the Service Divide Through Digitally Enabled Service Innovations: Evidence from Indian Healthcare Service Providers
Shirish C. Srivastava and G. Shainesh

Special Issue: Information Systems for Symbolic Action: Social Media and Beyond

Take Their Word for It: The Symbolic Role of Linguistic Style Matches in User Communities
Stephan Ludwig, Ko de Ruyter, Dominik Mahr, Martin Wetzels, Elisabeth Brüggen, and Tom de Ruyck (preprints available)

Beyond Being There: The Symbolic Role of Communication and Identification in Perceptions of Proximity to Geographically Dispersed Colleagues
Michael Boyer O’Leary, Jeanne M. Wilson, and Anca Metiu (preprints available)

Knowledge Exchange and Symbolic Action in Social Media-Enabled Electronic Networks of Practice: A Multilevel Perspective on Knowledge Seekers and Contributors
Roman Beck, Immanuel Pahlke, and Christoph Seebach (preprints available)